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The sawai story

Guru-shishya has been a long tradition in indian history and still occupies a niche in traditional stuff like “sangeet” (not the wedding wala!!), yoga, etc. So to ceremonate this tradition iconic panditji started the “sawai gandharwa sangeet “festival.  To sit on the stage is the sign of a great musician… an honour bestowed to a few ones. And to present by sitting there is an ultimate respect for your guru… the people and forces you shaped you into the artist who you are. Needless to say legends have been heard from here. 

The crowd too marks a class. Stealing is unheard of here. The only emotion is “music” , the trust and encouragement towards the passionate souls on stage. How often have you seen people care for others belongings without requesting??..How often can we leave our bags and books at the mercy of others and go for a stroll?… It always happens here. The place teaches it all.  

To sum it up “The air is abundant with devotion to music” ..naturally other arts too flourish. 

Swelling crowds pose great administrative challenges(which have been handles too well by the organizers) and attract businesses as well. Food was a symbiotic relation. Peace. Today I came across a mass marketeer, distributing pamphlets, advertising about music class. It was in tune with the mood. But soon, there will be political campaigns. That will spell doom of a very noble cause. 

I simply hope that sawai would not be needed to be added in the list of great works that make us proud for a while and cause embarrassment later.


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