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Expressions and people, conventions and culture

We humans are social beings.
Staying in a joint, Indian family I always saw my grandfather produce a flower or two for my grandmother from his morning walks, care for her even if she had the slightest cough and vice versa. In my parents case, I think love was yet to blossom given their family and societal commitments. So the casual remark that “you are looking beautiful/handsome today” was never heard  by me.
Our western counterparts are well versed at expressing feelings towards their life partners.
Going to Paris was a shock. Every day at tour Eiffel had love in the air. They know the power of expression.
With globalization, the culture is slowly percolating in India. As everything western in the Indian market needs to be indianized, so does the power to express.
I think in the case of grandparents, they know it is a better of time, before they are separated by destiny forever. So better express now, make the other feel happy than repenting later.
In the youngsters case,  i feel we as a society need to stop being judgemental. Every guy n girl together is not a couple. They can be simple friends, cousins relatives etc. In the states if a guy n girls walk together or go out for dinner, its fine, their choice. In India, its not. I think in current Indian scenario, the un-fostering of such dialogues lead to women insecurity. They also lead to buried feelings amongst both parties, which they carry for life. May be if they were allowed to speak their mind… Things could have been better…. Both could at least have lead a free life apart if not together. It could be with understanding.
But no, even with being modern, we keep clinging to our “ancient, advanced” thoughts. why does the moral police fail to notice the Mahabharata? Every princess chose her prince and when forced ultimately rukhmini ran away with Krishna, whom she fancied and no body could a thing about it?


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