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From the antiquities of time, change is the only constant thing in this universe. We never seem to tire of it. Every day the sun rises – We can never imagine it not rising. If we step back from the mess of our lives, we can spot periodic, cyclic change in obvious and uncanny places as well…
morphosing of snakes, migration of birds,  to overflowing dustbins that get cleaned up the following day!!
It is the cyclical patterns in nature that nourish life both physically and emotionally. How would we feel if the drums were non existent,  the ghungru, the bells, the chimes never forged??
Indeed Rhythm is the magic of life… that keeps us going… from the daily alarm call to the seasonal cuckoo, to the occasional chimes of a temple bell.
As humans our primary strength is that we stand on the knowledge and wisdom of our ancestors. Hence as the knowledge base expanded, so did our ideas and perceptions.
We are to look into history and see how “new” was embraced…it was sometimes grudgingly, sometimes with introspection , sometimes with force and sometimes with open arms. At the sum total, we were always change in state!!
But coming back to present, i believe that we are changing.. faster than ever…In every field.
Take the example of the all pervasive field of computing. Earlier we had workstations connected to a central computer. Mainly because workstations were less powerful and hence cheaper. The central computer had more processing power and was more expensive. Then times switched to the PC(personal computers).  But now we are again in the age of clients server computing and Bring your own device offices. Because we the clients need mobility.
Fashion and cosmetics is another walk of life where in we see cycles repeating. A decade back the nine yard saree was sitting on shelves. Now every one is dusting it. Paithanee is replacing designer wear for weddings. People are walking more towards a “natural life”. Organic based cosmetics see a huge demand.
As a ending note, I would like to quote the dalai lama… if change is a constant thing… why worry.
If problems are not going to be solved..what ks the point of worrying?? And if they are going to be solved then why worry? ….Always work in a direction that the change will be favourable for you. Persist till your goal is not attained.


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