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You spent 3 years in SPPU(Savitribai Phule Pune University) ?.. you gotta be kidding.

University education was never a big deal for me. Choosing a affiliate college was. Little did I know that it should have been the other way around.
online exams, were the first ordeal. But we never know if we marked the answer correctly or not except when the results are out. The results come decades later(2-3 weeks) We do not know what happens to the invalid questions and worst..we cannot challenge our scores!!
For the end semesters, we all got ridiculously low scores even on writing to the point!!
For the in semesters,  too we do not know our score…and the combined score for the end and in semester must be 40. How do we study for the end semester tests if we do not know our performance in the in semesters? I mean what is the whole point of in semester’s…  continuous evaluation or a continuous stress test?
Is simply connected by a common thread of lazy implementation of a fair system OR a corrupt version of a orthodox gradation wherein students do not matter?? Yet PU is still the third best university in the country. You can imagine the rest.
So is the education system going dogs? And is it ONLY the education system?


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