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Dragons vs Tigers

Once upon a time, “India conquered China without armies” 

But thats past and so is drawing of the MacMohan line and conquest of Tibet. 

The situation today is different and grim. Gone are the days when expansion would be territorial. Today the battle ground is a virtual one. Wars today, lead to total control of a economy without physically being there.

Yes the dragon is spewing fire and the tiger is baring its teeth for regional supremacy and dominanace international markets. Dolkam is just the teaser. 

Completely agreed that India and China have diverse views towards development. India bases its GDP on the service sector where as China on the manufacturing sector. However based on their manufacturing strength, China has infiltrated Indian markets. But has India invaded the Chinese service sector? Today, Chinese firms acing in smart phone manufacture, but is India taking a step in android development? 

They say that dont buy Chinese goods, but Indian imports account for 3% of Chinese exports. Yes empowering the local industries is essential, but at the same time, managing customer facing costs and quality is necessary. 

In terms of cyber warfare, the Indian turf is weaker. The law and its implememtation suffers from bureaucracy. The Chinese, with their ‘effecient’ governance have a strong implementation of the law.

The India-China tension is not just a tussle of power, but a tussle of ideologies. It is a struggle to improve our societies internally, putting on a aggressive front externally. 

Pt Nehru once said, civilizations crumble not because of external forces, but because of death and decay within. Both countries are struggling hard to unproove this fact,  being cautious of the human factor in development. 

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You spent 3 years in SPPU(Savitribai Phule Pune University) ?.. you gotta be kidding.

University education was never a big deal for me. Choosing a affiliate college was. Little did I know that it should have been the other way around.
online exams, were the first ordeal. But we never know if we marked the answer correctly or not except when the results are out. The results come decades later(2-3 weeks) We do not know what happens to the invalid questions and worst..we cannot challenge our scores!!
For the end semesters, we all got ridiculously low scores even on writing to the point!!
For the in semesters,  too we do not know our score…and the combined score for the end and in semester must be 40. How do we study for the end semester tests if we do not know our performance in the in semesters? I mean what is the whole point of in semester’s…  continuous evaluation or a continuous stress test?
Is simply connected by a common thread of lazy implementation of a fair system OR a corrupt version of a orthodox gradation wherein students do not matter?? Yet PU is still the third best university in the country. You can imagine the rest.
So is the education system going dogs? And is it ONLY the education system?

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From the antiquities of time, change is the only constant thing in this universe. We never seem to tire of it. Every day the sun rises – We can never imagine it not rising. If we step back from the mess of our lives, we can spot periodic, cyclic change in obvious and uncanny places as well…
morphosing of snakes, migration of birds,  to overflowing dustbins that get cleaned up the following day!!
It is the cyclical patterns in nature that nourish life both physically and emotionally. How would we feel if the drums were non existent,  the ghungru, the bells, the chimes never forged??
Indeed Rhythm is the magic of life… that keeps us going… from the daily alarm call to the seasonal cuckoo, to the occasional chimes of a temple bell.
As humans our primary strength is that we stand on the knowledge and wisdom of our ancestors. Hence as the knowledge base expanded, so did our ideas and perceptions.
We are to look into history and see how “new” was embraced…it was sometimes grudgingly, sometimes with introspection , sometimes with force and sometimes with open arms. At the sum total, we were always change in state!!
But coming back to present, i believe that we are changing.. faster than ever…In every field.
Take the example of the all pervasive field of computing. Earlier we had workstations connected to a central computer. Mainly because workstations were less powerful and hence cheaper. The central computer had more processing power and was more expensive. Then times switched to the PC(personal computers).  But now we are again in the age of clients server computing and Bring your own device offices. Because we the clients need mobility.
Fashion and cosmetics is another walk of life where in we see cycles repeating. A decade back the nine yard saree was sitting on shelves. Now every one is dusting it. Paithanee is replacing designer wear for weddings. People are walking more towards a “natural life”. Organic based cosmetics see a huge demand.
As a ending note, I would like to quote the dalai lama… if change is a constant thing… why worry.
If problems are not going to be solved..what ks the point of worrying?? And if they are going to be solved then why worry? ….Always work in a direction that the change will be favourable for you. Persist till your goal is not attained.

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Expressions and people, conventions and culture

We humans are social beings.
Staying in a joint, Indian family I always saw my grandfather produce a flower or two for my grandmother from his morning walks, care for her even if she had the slightest cough and vice versa. In my parents case, I think love was yet to blossom given their family and societal commitments. So the casual remark that “you are looking beautiful/handsome today” was never heard  by me.
Our western counterparts are well versed at expressing feelings towards their life partners.
Going to Paris was a shock. Every day at tour Eiffel had love in the air. They know the power of expression.
With globalization, the culture is slowly percolating in India. As everything western in the Indian market needs to be indianized, so does the power to express.
I think in the case of grandparents, they know it is a better of time, before they are separated by destiny forever. So better express now, make the other feel happy than repenting later.
In the youngsters case,  i feel we as a society need to stop being judgemental. Every guy n girl together is not a couple. They can be simple friends, cousins relatives etc. In the states if a guy n girls walk together or go out for dinner, its fine, their choice. In India, its not. I think in current Indian scenario, the un-fostering of such dialogues lead to women insecurity. They also lead to buried feelings amongst both parties, which they carry for life. May be if they were allowed to speak their mind… Things could have been better…. Both could at least have lead a free life apart if not together. It could be with understanding.
But no, even with being modern, we keep clinging to our “ancient, advanced” thoughts. why does the moral police fail to notice the Mahabharata? Every princess chose her prince and when forced ultimately rukhmini ran away with Krishna, whom she fancied and no body could a thing about it?

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The sawai story

Guru-shishya has been a long tradition in indian history and still occupies a niche in traditional stuff like “sangeet” (not the wedding wala!!), yoga, etc. So to ceremonate this tradition iconic panditji started the “sawai gandharwa sangeet “festival.  To sit on the stage is the sign of a great musician… an honour bestowed to a few ones. And to present by sitting there is an ultimate respect for your guru… the people and forces you shaped you into the artist who you are. Needless to say legends have been heard from here. 

The crowd too marks a class. Stealing is unheard of here. The only emotion is “music” , the trust and encouragement towards the passionate souls on stage. How often have you seen people care for others belongings without requesting??..How often can we leave our bags and books at the mercy of others and go for a stroll?… It always happens here. The place teaches it all.  

To sum it up “The air is abundant with devotion to music” ..naturally other arts too flourish. 

Swelling crowds pose great administrative challenges(which have been handles too well by the organizers) and attract businesses as well. Food was a symbiotic relation. Peace. Today I came across a mass marketeer, distributing pamphlets, advertising about music class. It was in tune with the mood. But soon, there will be political campaigns. That will spell doom of a very noble cause. 

I simply hope that sawai would not be needed to be added in the list of great works that make us proud for a while and cause embarrassment later.

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​One mark story… reevaluated.

Marks are a integral number that defines a students success in our education system. Marks are everything… the whole goal to acheieve. Math and CPP often outweigh Personality, soft skills and street smartness.
For some, that one mark shows a dead end, and

for some it is the entrance to the highway of life. Thus it was eminent that even the evaluation system was brought into the preview of the RTI. Guru is god they say. But god too makes mistakes, so for a fee we can challenge him.

Believing the system I challenged the “moderator god” twice in my educational life, once back in grade XII and once in university.

It was a time when JEE + XII was introduced as a common platform for engineering admissions. This had caused many people to invoke the RTI resulting in long queues at the board office. Thus like many I received papers late and had to file for further scholarships without official papers. Result = rejected!!

Moral : I loose money of my merit due to the fault of the board. 

But on a good note, they sent me a cheque saying that my reval application was accepted(much like a tennis challenge). Though the amount was trivial compared to scholarship, the gesture was great. It restored my faith in the government.. a bit.

Coming to university, fees had increased dramatically. And there was no refund. There is always a deadline for form filling…every semester. Yet apparently PU(sorry SPPU) doesnt seem to have deadlines to return photocopies and revaluated papers, causing students to reappear(and study, pay for papers) which they have actually passed but have not been graded appropriately. 

The worst is a student attempts a paper of 50 marls of which there are 12 marks worth of formulae. According to the student, the formulae and a couple of sums more are correct. Thus at least 12 marks are insured. The score card proclaims a duck!!

Is simply connected by a common thread of lazy implementation of a fair system OR a corrupt version of a orthodox gradation wherein students do not matter?? 

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“Our World” is quick to criticize and slow.. rather non-existent to to appreciate. So it is rather apparent that we ourselves appreciate ourselves, pat our backs and move on. With every pat we make our selves feel a bit more valued and motivate ourselves to go a little ahead…to the next goal post.. to be a bit better.It saves our self value and self esteem at odd hours.This habit helps stand up for “our values, morals and ethics” even in the darkest of times..and find the “hope with the rising sun”.