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‚ÄčOne mark story… reevaluated.

Marks are a integral number that defines a students success in our education system. Marks are everything… the whole goal to acheieve. Math and CPP often outweigh Personality, soft skills and street smartness.
For some, that one mark shows a dead end, and

for some it is the entrance to the highway of life. Thus it was eminent that even the evaluation system was brought into the preview of the RTI. Guru is god they say. But god too makes mistakes, so for a fee we can challenge him.

Believing the system I challenged the “moderator god” twice in my educational life, once back in grade XII and once in university.

It was a time when JEE + XII was introduced as a common platform for engineering admissions. This had caused many people to invoke the RTI resulting in long queues at the board office. Thus like many I received papers late and had to file for further scholarships without official papers. Result = rejected!!

Moral : I loose money of my merit due to the fault of the board. 

But on a good note, they sent me a cheque saying that my reval application was accepted(much like a tennis challenge). Though the amount was trivial compared to scholarship, the gesture was great. It restored my faith in the government.. a bit.

Coming to university, fees had increased dramatically. And there was no refund. There is always a deadline for form filling…every semester. Yet apparently PU(sorry SPPU) doesnt seem to have deadlines to return photocopies and revaluated papers, causing students to reappear(and study, pay for papers) which they have actually passed but have not been graded appropriately. 

The worst is a student attempts a paper of 50 marls of which there are 12 marks worth of formulae. According to the student, the formulae and a couple of sums more are correct. Thus at least 12 marks are insured. The score card proclaims a duck!!

Is simply connected by a common thread of lazy implementation of a fair system OR a corrupt version of a orthodox gradation wherein students do not matter?? 

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“Our World” is quick to criticize and slow.. rather non-existent to to appreciate. So it is rather apparent that we ourselves appreciate ourselves, pat our backs and move on. With every pat we make our selves feel a bit more valued and motivate ourselves to go a little ahead…to the next goal post.. to be a bit better.It saves our self value and self esteem at odd hours.This habit helps stand up for “our values, morals and ethics” even in the darkest of times..and find the “hope with the rising sun”.